What device information is available with eero?

To find out more about the individual devices on your network, launch the eero application and tap on the section Number of devices currently on your network.


By tapping the Nickname section, you’ll be able to edit the name of your device on the network. This will help with identifying that device more easily, especially when used with Family Profiles or the Alexa Skills.


Through the Device details page, you can quickly assign a device to a profile. By tapping into this section, you’ll be able to assign (or reassign) a device to a specific profile

Connection Type

This will identify which eero your device is currently connected to. If you see that your device is connected to an eero that isn't closest to that device, toggle the WiFi on your device off and back on.


If you are unaware of a device on your network, you can typically quickly identify what it is based on the manufacturer. These include Apple, Samsung, and Amazon.


This is the name of the device from the device. Some products will show a familiar name, such as a name, however others may have the name from the manufacturer.

IP Address

This is the IP address that has been assigned to the device network

MAC Address

Each device has a MAC address, which is a unique address for your hardware that helps to identify it on your network.