What is Repeat Call Dialing and how do I use it?

Repeat Call Dialing automatically redials the last busy number you dialed. If the called number is busy, Repeat Call Dialing will keep dialing that number for 30 minutes and then "signals" you with a ring if/when the called number becomes available. This feature is different from the "Redial" button function built into some telephones, which allows you to redial the last number called. This service does not work on 800 numbers, 900 numbers, numbers outside the specified service area or on lines where Call Forward and some other call services have been activated. You may still place and receive calls while waiting for a busy line to become free.
  • To activate
    1. When you hear a busy signal, briefly press the receiver button and release. Listen for a special tone. If you have already hung up, just pick up the handset again and listen for a normal dial tone.
    2. Press: * 66
    3. Hang up. If the line is still busy your phone will check the number for up to 30 minutes.
    4. A special call back ring alerts you if the line becomes free.
    5. Pick up the handset to automatically place the call.
    6. To restart the 30-minute clock, repeat steps 1 through 3
  • To deactivate
    1. Press: * 86