What happens if I exceed my monthly data plan?

If you reach 100% of your monthly data plan, SECV may send you a notice by electronic or regular mail encouraging a reduction in usage, or an upgrade to an Internet tier better suited to your usage patterns.  To help you monitor and manage your usage, we may also send email alerts when you reach 75% and 90% of your monthly data plan.  These notifications will allow you several opportunities to assess your monthly data usage and make modifications to your usage as you deem necessary.  If your monthly data usage exceeds that allowed under the Internet tier to which you subscribe and you do not upgrade to an appropriate Internet tier, you will be charged $10 monthly for each incremental 50GB of data under the Internet tier to which you subscribe.  The 50GB of data remains available for the remainder of the current calendar month.

If you find yourself frequently exceeding 100% of your data plan, you may want to consider selecting a different SECV Internet package that better fits your needs.  However, your service will not be affected or interrupted if you choose to stay on your existing package subject to the terms and conditions of SECV’s Residential Internet Service Agreement.

Visit the Usage Meter to monitor your monthly data usuage.