What should I do if I believe the information in the bandwidth usage meter is higher than I expected?

There are numerous factors that can impact your data usage.  These factors may include someone in your household consuming a lot of data, an unsecured wireless network being used by someone outside your household, automatic application or system updates, such as McAfee, Microsoft Office, or ITunes or possibly even a virus.  Therefore, we recommend you take the following actions:

• Speak with other members of your household or other parties with whom you may be sharing your computer(s) or Internet service to ensure you are aware of the total usage for your account.

• If you are operating a wireless network, check the security settings and ensure that you are not unintentionally sharing your Internet service with your neighbors or other unauthorized users.  Securing a wireless network is an easy process that takes only a few minutes and protects both you and SECV from potential abuse.

• One or more systems connected to your SECV Internet Service could be infected with a Trojan virus which is using your connection to further spread itself or conduct other malicious activities.  You should immediately remove any infected systems from the network, back-up your personal data, re-image and then re-secure the system.  If you are not familiar or comfortable with this process, you should seek the assistance of a trained professional or at least someone who is knowledgeable and capable of performing these tasks.