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  1. My TV will not change channels. How do I correct this?

    For remotes with orange round menu button: Push and Hold Setup until the indicator light changes from red to green. Enter 987 on the remote The remote will blink twice green The remote should now change the channels on the TV. ...
  2. My picture does not fit the screen. How do I correct this?

    If you are using a HDMI connection and your picture does not fit the screen, follow these steps: 1.  Go to "menu" then "HDMI" setup.  2. Change the ration to 1080 wide or 720 p wide as indicated by your televi...
  3. How do I access General Setup?

    Press MENU on the Remote Control. Press DOWN to highlight General Setup and then RIGHT to move to the second column.  Display (Text) Language: The default language is shown. In this area you can change the language of the menus and overlay...
  4. What is available to configure in the General Setup menu?

    Customers can select different language options for the Guide's display text. The Rovi DTA Guide can also provide audio in other languages (if available) when watching a program.
  5. What are the lock/unlock options?

    The lock icon indicates the selected item is 'locked' and requires a PIN for access. The unlock icon indicates the selected icon is 'unlocked' and the channel or program may be viewed.
  6. What can I control with Parental Controls?

    You can lock programs by channel, ratings and also hide titles that may have adult themes. These options are all controlled in the third column of the Parental Control menu.
  7. How do I set up my PIN?

    Press MENU on the remote control. Parental Controls will be the default. Press RIGHT to Set PIN. A pop-up window appears. Here, you enter a 4 digit PIN of your choice. The system will prompt you to confirm your PIN again.
  8. How do Parental Controls work?

    Parental Controls allow you to set viewing restrictions by channel and/or rating, and can be set from either the Settings menu or the Program Information Screen. Before Parental Controls are used, users must set up a PIN (Personal Identification Numb...
  9. How do you return to the TV Listings Grid?

    Press LAST or GUIDE to return to the TV Listings Grid.
  10. How do you access the Program Information Screen?

    You can access the Program Information Screen by highlighting a program in the TV Listings Grid and pressing INFO. Or press INFO 3x from Live TV.