Updated Articles

  1. Where do I view the devices on my network?

    If you’d like to view all the devices currently and recently connected to your eero network, tap the  connected devices  button towards the top of the app home screen.  From this screen, you’re able to see each device&rsqu...
  2. How do I see all the eeros on my network?

    If you have six or fewer eeros on your network, all the eeros are accessible from the home screen in the app. Each eero will have the location you assigned it to so you can easily distinguish each one on your network.
  3. What mobile apps can be used with eero?

    The eero app works on supported iOS and Android devices only.
  4. Can I manage my eero network remotely?

    Yes, using the app makes it easy to manage your network at any time. As long as you have your phone, you’ll be able to manage your network settings directly from the app. You will need a data connection on your mobile device to initially set u...
  5. Will eero work in a home with thick walls?

    Yes. If you are having trouble getting WiFi when you are not in the same room as your wireless router, several eeros that mesh together in a system will enable you to get WiFi coverage throughout your home. Because thicker walls make it more difficu...
  6. How many eeros can I have on a single network?

    There is no limit to the number of eeros.  However, more is not always better.  We generally recommend one eero for every 1,000 square feet, but it varies case-by-case.
  7. How much distance should there be between eeros?

    For the best experience, when wireless, eeros and eero beacons should be no more than 50 feet away from at least one other eero.
  8. How many eeros do I need in my home?

    Every home is unique and the eero system was designed to be flexible so that it can fit any home.  We generally recommend one eero for every 1,000 square feet, but it varies case-by-case.
  9. Does eero replace my cable modem?

    No, eero replaces your router and plugs into your cable modem.
  10. Does eero replace my router?

    Yes, eero replaces your current router and provides better WiFi coverage throughout your home.