Updated Articles

  1. Are there TiVo help videos available?

    Yes, press the TiVo button then select Apps/TiVO Tips & Tricks to watch videos to help you get to know your TiVo box and learn about all the cool things you can do to enjoy TV your way. 
  2. What happens if I forget my Parental Controls pin?

    Please call 877.955.7328 or chat with a Customer Service representative to reset your Parental Controls pin.
  3. How do I turn parental controls On/Off?

    From the Home screen select the Menu icon then choose Settings/Parental Controls.  To turn Parental Controls on, use the number buttons on the TiVo remote control to enter a four-digit password, then enter the same password again for confirmati...
  4. What happens if my TiVo DVR loses power?

    During a power outage, your TiVo device is unable to record any scheduled programs.  If a recording is in progress when the power goes out, the recording will resume once power is restored and the device restarts.
  5. How to do I find my TiVo Service Number (TSN)?

    Press Menu/Help/Account & System Info/System Information, the TiVo Service Number (TSN) is the fourth item in the list.  The TSN is also located on the bottom of each of your TiVo boxes.
  6. How do I reboot my TiVo?

    From your TiVo remote select Menu/Help/Tips & Troubleshooting/Restart Box As a safety measure, your TiVo device will ask you to press the Thumbs Down button three times, and then press Enter to confirm you want to restart your device....
  7. How do I perform an Internet connection test on my TiVo box?

    From your TiVo remote select Menu/Settings/Network Settings/Network Troubleshooting/Internet Connection.  
  8. How do I perform a full service call (long call) from my TiVo box?

    From your TiVo remote select Menu/Settings/Network Settings/TiVo Service Connection
  9. How do I activate Amazon Alexa?

    When you pair your TiVo box with your Amazon Alexa device, you can put your remote aside just ask Alexa instead.  You can tell Alexa to pause, play, fast-forward, rewind, jump back 8 seconds and skip ahead 30 seconds.  You can even tell Al...
  10. How do I access HBO GO on TiVo?

    Select activate Your Device Go to http://hbogo.com/activate on a PC or mobile device. Select “TiVo” from the device list. Click “More Providers” and select “Service Electric Cablevision” from the...