TiVo Stream


What is TiVo Stream?
TiVo Stream brings together all the live, recorded, on demand, and streaming entertainment you could ever want in a single experience. It’s easier than ever to find, watch and enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and video by simply asking Googl...
How does TiVo Stream work?
The TiVo Stream device is powered by Android TV and gets the TV signal over a wired or wireless connection to your home Internet network.  You will receive all of your channels, as well as access to streaming providers, over that one connection...
When will TiVo Stream be available to SECV customers?
TiVo Stream will be available to SECV customers on June 7th, 2021.
What are the requirements to add TiVo Stream to my account?
TiVo Stream requires SECV TV Service, DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 cable modem, and SECV Internet with a minimum download speed of 50M.   Approved modem models from SECV include ARRIS DG3450, CM8200A, DG2470, DG1670, or D5001.
Why do I need SECV Internet service for TiVo Stream?
TiVo Stream relies on the Internet to deliver a consistent experience across live TV, On Demand and the app experience.   SECV’s Internet service enables us to guarantee quality and help troubleshoot and resolve any technical difficu...
Do I need a Google account to use TiVo Stream?
No, but it is highly recommended.  With a Google account, you will be able to use Google Play and Google Assistant from your TiVo box.
What is Cloud DVR or NDVR?
Cloud DVRs function like traditional DVRs, but they store your recorded content online without the need for a physical DVR.  With Cloud DVR there is no limit to how many shows you can record at once. 
Can I add DVR service to my TiVo Stream?
Yes, Cloud DVR is available for an additional $4.95 per month.
How many shows can I record at once?
There is no limit to how many shows you can record at once. 
How much storage space do I have for recordings?
TiVo Stream allows you to store up to 150 hours of HD content.
Where can I find my recorded shows?
All of your recorded shows and streaming videos are found in My Shows.  From the Home screen, just select My Shows
Can I record an entire series?
Yes, just set up a One Pass search.  A One Pass search gathers every available episode of a series (whether streaming broadcast TV, or On Demand), every game, or match from a specific team, or every sporting event in a league and adds them righ...
What is the Start Over feature?
When you turn on a show that is currently airing, you will see the Start Over/Catch Up icon and an on-screen tip telling you to press and hold OK/SELECT to start the show from the beginning.
What is the Catch Up feature?
Shows that have aired within the last three days are available to watch using Catch Up.  Simply open the Guide and move the left, past the channel column, for up to 72 hours (3 days) to find your show.  Select the Start Over/Catch Up icon ...
How do I access the TiVo Home screen?
To get to the Home screen from live TV or any TiVo screen, just press the TiVo button on your remote control.  Home screen menu items include My Shows, What to Watch, Search, Apps & Games, SECV On Demand, and more.  
What is the SmartBar?
The SmartBar predicts shows to watch based on what your household usually watches at a particular time or day.  For example, if you normally watch the previous night’s late-night talk show the next morning, you’ll see it in the Smar...
What is Google Search?
Search allows you to search by show title, episode title, show description, or person name (actor, director, etc).  The TiVo service searches upcoming TV shows and movies, streaming videos (from sources like Netflix), and SECV On Demand all at ...
What is Google Voice Search?
Google Voice Search allows you to control your TiVo box by issuing voice commands using your remote control.
How do I issue Google voice commands?
To issues a voice command, press and hold the Google microphone button, and speak naturally into the remote.  Release the microphone button when you have finished speaking.
How do I access the Watch SECV TiVo app?
Download the Watch SECV app from the App Store or Google Play Store Launch the app on your device Log in using your SECV account credentials.  Not registered?  Click here ...
How do I schedule a recording using the Watch SECV TiVo app?
Open the Watch SECV app on your device. Search for a show or movie to record or select a show from the Guide. Tap the show or movie you would like to record. Select either Record Episode or Create One Pass. ...
How do I watch a recorded show on the Watch SECV TiVo app?
Select My Shows   in the menu.  Choose a show from the list of recorded shows. Select Watch Now. Recordings are not available outside your home network.  ...
How to I stream live TV from the Watch SECV TiVo app?
Select Guide in the app menu. Find the show you want to watch and select it. Select the Play icon to stream Live TV. Live streaming is not available outside your home network.  ...