How do I create a WishList Search?

  1.  From the Home screen, choose Search or press 3 on your TiVo remote.
  2.  Without entering any letters, move to the right side of the screen to select Create a WishList Search.  Alternatively, you can enter a search term before selecting Create a WishList Search and this term will be treated as a keyword search.
  3.   Next, start choosing criteria for your WishList search.  You can choose any or all of the following:

Title Keyword:  Search for shows with specific words in the show or episode title.

Keyword:  Search for shows with specific words in the show title, episode title, or description.

Actor:  Search for shows with your favorite actor

Director:  Search for shows by a specific director.

Category:  Search for specific categories and sub-categories of shows (for example, action movies or nature documentaries.

  1.   After entering your initial search criteria, you’ll return to the WishList screen.  Continue adding as many search criteria to your WishList search as you like. 
  2.   When you're finished entering search criteria, select Done entering terms.
  3.   Choose to save the WishList (which will tell your DVR to start searching), change your search terms, or change recording options,  When you’re ready, select Save this WishList Search.

If you’ve turned on auto-recording of WishList matches, each auto-recording WishList search and its upcoming recordings will appear in MyShows, the To Do List and the OnePass Manager.