How do I access the DTA guide?

There are three ways to access the guide using the remote control: Select GUIDE, press the 'Channel Up' or 'Channel Down' buttons, or select INFO.

a. GUIDE: Selecting the GUIDE button takes you to the TV Listings Grid, with up to 24 hours of
programming data for the channel lineup associated with your cable service. The screen
shows seven channels at any given time with 90 minutes of programming for each.

b. CHANNEL UP/DOWN: Changing the channel with the 'Channel Up' and 'Channel Down'
buttons will instantly pull up an On Now/On Next banner, with a panel of information on what's
playing now and what's coming up next. Press the GUIDE button to access the TV Listings

c. INFO: Pressing the INFO button once brings you to the On Now/On Next banner with its panel
of program information. Pressing INFO again (or pressing it quickly twice while watching TV)
will bring you to the TV Listings Grid. Press INFO once more (or press INFO quickly three
times while watching TV) and you'll be on the Program Info Screen.