Why won't my computer or device connect to the Internet?

Your home network can provide access to multiple devices at once.  If one or more of your devices cannot connect to the Internet please use the steps below to help resolve the issue.

1.  Unplug the power cord from the back of the modem and wait 15 seconds.
2.  If you are using an external router, disconnect the router power cord as well.
3.  Reconnect the power cord of the modem, and router (if applicable).
4.  Wait for modem lights to be lit solid to initialize the connection (this process may take up to 2 minutes).
5.  Open your browser and try to connect to a web page.
6.  If you are still unable to connect, restart your computer and try to connect again.
7.  If these steps do not work, please call us at 877.955.SECV.