How do you add additional channels to your existing Favorite Channels list?

In order to add additional channels to your exisiting Favorite Channels list please follow the below steps:

1.  Press the GUIDE button on your remote control.
2.  T
he On-Screen guide appears. Scroll to or enter the channel number of the channel you wish to add to your favorites.
3.  Press the INFO button.
A blue information box will appear with a description of the current program and a row of icons along the bottom.
5.  Press the RIGHT arrow until the HEART icon is highlighted.
6.  Press the OK/SEL button.  A blue box will appear asking you to select the favorites list to which you would like to add this channel.  List 01 is selected as the default.  Press the OK/SEL button to confirm selection of List 01.
7.  Press the OK/SEL button again to confirm the addition of this channel to the selected favorites list.