What do I do if my remote control will not change the channel?

In order to resolve problems with your remote control, please try the following:

1.  Make sure the power light on your converter is on.

2.  Check to see if the remote control light is flashing repeatedly.  If so, please replace your batteries with two new alkaline batteries.

3.  Try changing the channels directly on the converter without using the remote control.

4.  Make sure you have the correct codes programmed for your equipment.  To get instructions on the operation of your specific remote, go to www.secv.com and click the "Support" link.  Click the "Remote Control" link under the TV Support section.  Select the remote control image that most closely resembles the one you have in your home.  This will open into a PDF of the operating instructions.

5.  Make sure nothing is blocking the front of the converter such as furniture.

6.  Make sure you are operating the remote control within 20 feet of the converter.

If you still need assistance, please contact your local office at 877.955.SECV or chat us live