How do I perform a keyboard search?

  1.   From the Home screen, select Search on your TiVo remote.
  2.   Use the letter grid to spell out the title, person, or word you’re looking for.  Press the arrow button to move around, then OK on each letter you want.  As you select a letter, a list of possible matches sorted by popularity appears on the right.  For example, if you enter the letters HOW, you might see matches for the TV show “How I Met Your Mother”, the SECV On Demand movie “How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days”, and the director Ron Howard.  Results are sorted by popularity, with better matches higher in the list.
  3.   Keep selecting letters until you see what you’re searching for.  If you make a mistake, you can press CLEAR to erase everything, or REWIND to erase one letter at a time.  Insert a space by pressing FAST FORWARD.
  4.   Use the RIGHT arrow to highlight the show or person name.
  5.   Press OK to view details, set up a recording or OnePass, or bookmark the show.