My connection seems slow, what can I do?

To test your current Internet connection speed and confirm your connection is working as expected, you can conduct speed tests at  For accurate results, please run at least three (3) tests.  If your speed test results are unfavorable, and you have a wireless router connected, try bypassing the router by connecting the modem directly to a computer with an Ethernet cable and rerun the speed tests.

There are also several other contributing factors to slow connections.

• Ensure you have an antivirus and anti-spyware software installed.  Virus protection and anti-spyware programs are essential to good performance.  These programs may be downloaded online or purchased at a software retailer.  Remember to check for updates regularly and run tests weekly to ensure no infections.

• Active uploads and downloads may also impact your connection speeds.  iTunes, YouTube, and other file-sharing processes can slow down your connection.

• Ensure the modem has not been moved to another out
let since our Technician installed it.  Only one outlet in your home was made active for Internet connectivity. 

• Please review the following video offering Wi-Fi tips.

If you continue to experience performance issues, please contact a Customer Service Representative by calling 877.955.SECV.