Updated Articles

  1. How does SECV’s ACP program differ from other companies'?

    SECV offers a $30 dollar discount on any SECV Internet plan for those that qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). Our program is flexible and can be applied to any Internet tier or package with or without TV and Phone service. Theref...
  2. What are the requirements to add TiVo Stream to my account?

    TiVo Stream requires SECV TV Service, DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem with a minimum of 24 x 4 channel bonding, and SECV Internet with a minimum download speed of 50M.   Approved modem models from SECV include ARRIS DG3450, CM8200A, DG24...
  3. Can I purchase my own modem from a retailer instead of renting one from SECV?

    It is recommended to rent a modem from SECV for the best possible Internet experience and support; however, you may purchase a modem from a third-party retailer.  A DOCSIS 3.1 modem with a minimum of 24 X 4 channel bonding is recommended for ...
  4. Which broadband providers are participating in the Affordable Connectivity Program?

    Various broadband providers, including those offering landline and wireless broadband, will participate in the Affordable Connectivity Program.  Depending on where you live, you may have a choice of providers.  Check with the broadband pro...
  5. I currently subscribe to a bundle of services that includes Internet, TV, and/or Phone. Can I apply the Affordable Connectivity Program to my monthly bill?

    The Affordable Connectivity Benefit can be applied to the cost of Internet service within a bundle of services. If your bundle also includes a TV service or Phone, you will be responsible for that portion of your bill, as well as any services that a...
  6. Can I receive both the Affordable Connectivity Program and Lifeline benefits at the same time?

    Yes.  These are two separate programs.  SECV is not currently a Lifeline provider and is unable to offer customers the Lifeline benefit.  However, SECV is reviewing the program.
  7. Can I sign up for the Affordable Connectivity Program if I am already a customer or if I was a customer in the past?

    Yes, the benefit is available to eligible new, prior, and existing customers of SECV.
  8. If the plan I pick is more than the monthly discount for broadband service, do I pay the extra myself?

    Yes. You are responsible for any amount over $30 per month for broadband service.
  9. Can I upgrade my current plan to take advantage of the full $30 per month?

    Yes, but you are responsible for all funds exceeding $30 as part of the Affordable Connectivity Program.
  10. How much does Internet service cost?

    The Affordable Connectivity Program provides a monthly discount for broadband service up to $30 per eligible household. The discount will be applied to your Internet service, but the ultimate cost to you will depend on the Internet plan you select. ...