Updated Articles

  1. How do I activate a TV Everywhere network on a Roku?

    1.  Download the supported app (Watch ESPN, CNN, etc.)  from the Channel Store on your Roku player. 2.  Launch the app from the Home screen on your Roku device. 3.  Click the 'Activate Your Device' button.  ...
  2. Where can I check my Internet speed?

    Please click on the link below to test your current Internet speed. http://speedtest.secv.com ...
  3. What do I do if my remote control will not change the channel?

    In order to resolve problems with your remote control, please try the following: ·         Make sure the power light on your converter box is on. ·      &n...
  4. Can I purchase my own cable modem instead of renting one from SECV?

    Yes, you may purchase your own cable modem.  For optimal Internet performance, we recommend a DOCSIS 3.1 modem with a minimum of 24 x 4 channel bonding.  Please watch the following video to learn how to maximize your WiFi expe...
  5. What kind of modem do you recommend?

    Customers may choose to purchase or rent a modem from SECV or from another retailer.  For the best possible Internet experience, we recommend a DOCSIS 3.1 modem with a minimum of 24x4 channel bonding or higher.  Please watch the following ...
  6. Will Cinemax shows be included on the HBO Max app?

    No, Cinemax shows are not included with HBO Max, but are still available with the Max Go app.
  7. What is HBO Max?

    HBO Max is a new streaming platform from HBO that replaces HBO Go and HBO Now.  HBO Max includes all of the content from HBO Go and HBO Now plus even more series, movies, and new HBO Max originals. 
  8. What devices are not supported on HBO Max?

    HBO is working on agreements with Amazon, Roku, and TiVo.  In the meantime, SECV customers may still access HBO Go on these devices until HBO Max is supported.
  9. Will HBO Go shows be included on the HBO Max app?

    Yes, all content currently available on HBO Go will be available on HBO Max as well as additional Max content not currently available on HBO Go.
  10. How do I get HBO Max?

    HBO Max is included at no additional cost with your current HBO subscription.  All you need is your SECV TV Everywhere username and password for access.